Do You Spend Time at Work on Autopilot?

Rita J. King
November 2, 2017

Results from our global survey of workplace culture: employees are too distracted to focus, and meetings are to blame.

This post shares some of the findings from the Science House global survey on meetings.

We learned a lot from our respondents from 34 countries (hello to YOU, Tanzania and Croatia!) and half of the states in the United States. CEOs, law enforcement professionals, PhD students, a TV writer and producer, social services professionals, book editors and many more were among the respondents. So what did they say?

78% of respondents want more time to focus at work, but only 22% feel that their organizations understand the value of focus and are structured to encourage focus.

87% of respondents (see illustration below) feel that a lack of focus stands in the way of thinking ahead.

64% of you believe that focus is important. Over half of you feel that emails are the biggest distraction in your day, with social media and people stopping to talk close behind.

35% feel that a portion of their time at work is spent on autopilot.

92% feel that mastery requires a significant amount of focus.

At Science House, we have worked with many companies to improve their meetings, regain focus and clarity, and improve employee morale. Let's talk about how we can turn off your team's autopilot.

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