We solve problems

We have specialized expertise working with large companies in the midst of transformations. Our partners face uncertainty and must navigate the unknown in a chaotic business landscape and changing world.

Our clients are often in heavily regulated industries with many constraints beyond their immediate control. To us, constraints inspire creativity.

We understand the problems our partners face. We are a secret weapon to accelerate progress, eliminate friction, and think about thorny problems from new angles. We bring a proprietary suite of software, services and nuanced thinking to help our partners achieve amazing things.

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How we work

We work using the DICE method. The process has four distinct phases: discovery, innovation, commitment, and execution. Using the DICE method, we work with our partners to deliver continuous innovation and measurable results.



We begin by deeply understanding our partners goals. We use interviews with key players to understand the problems, opportunities and challenges. We also deploy our proprietary suite of services and software to understand how you work.



After we have a better sense of the problems and opportunities, we work with leadership to  develop a tailored set of solutions from our extensive products and services toolkit.



At this point in the process, clients choose a level of investment in the future state and we commit to a partnership built on trust, learning, deep understanding of goals and measurable results. 



We coach, advise and build custom solutions as neccessary. Some of our clients view us more as trusted family members than business consultants. Others see us as business therapists. Either way, we are there for you.

"The spirit of the scientific method is asking difficult questions, experimentation, risk taking and constant learning. I started my career as an inventor, using creativity to bring technology to what many thought were "boring" industries. But creativity can be applied everywhere. As I moved into the business realm, I realized that the combination of creativity and scientific thinking could be applied to the fundamentals of business itself."

James Jorasch

Science House CEO

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Technology Solutions

Model Meetings

Model Meetings is a Learning Platform with courses to help you improve your meetings, helping you to free up thinking time, focus and work. Model Meetings creates visibility into the hidden processes of how teams function and organizations work.  For leaders, Model Meetings gives them time to focus on what matters. For software developers, Model Meetings can increase velocity up to 50 percent.

Culture Map

If you want to change your organization's culture, you need a map for your journey. Culture Map is a tool to visualize both your organization's current team dynamics and your organization's future state. Culture Map measures changes in your teams, benchmarks your organization, and provides assistance for nagivating the dynamics of cultural change.

Sense & Adapt

Are you responsible for the outcome of a mission critical initiative and wish you had precision visibility into the reality of how the work is being delivered? Do you want to be able to remove barriers but you aren't sure where to put your focus for greatest impact? Do you want to respond in real time to challenges of every kind, from stress to the need for more clarity?

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