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We make invisible dynamics visible 

so they can be managed and transformed

Science House is a strategic consultancy that works with the best companies (including four out of ten of Forbes’ most admired companies in the world) as they manage enterprise-wide transformations. This process requires energy and clear thinking. It doesn't have to be chaotic. If you can see it, you can manage it. We make invisible dynamics visible so they can be managed and transformed. 


We bring rigor to the analysis of business with a strong suite of tools and constantly updated thinking. We help you get where you need to be fast enough to stay competitive. Our heritage of entrepreneurship, inventing and imagination lets us create custom solutions from our products. 


Is your company wasting time and money in meetings? Try Model Meetings, a framework designed to contain costs, regain focus and train your workforce to think and act like entrepreneursIf you need to measure the alignment of people and teams on high stakes projects and programs, get in touch to discuss Sense & Adapt™.


To start with a clear picture of where you are and where you want to go, we recommend a leadership workshop focused on Dynamic Team Mapping™. 


Over time, senior leaders within our client companies rely on our one-on-one counsel for thinking through complicated issues, from business architecture and the ethics of automation to the evolution of their own leadership skills. We often deliver keynotes, facilitate workshops and provide guidance. 


Science House offers facilitated sessions in our Imagination Room to focus on innovation, planning, strategy, or thinking and acting more creatively as a team.




This Intel video hosted by Charlie Araujo gives a glimpse of Science House and our principles. 


Science House is co-directed by inventor James Jorasch and futurist Rita J. King.