Empowering Our Partners to Clear a Path Through Chaos

Our mission is to empower our partners' clarity and focus for navigation of chaos and uncertainty – for better business outcomes with less stress. This includes visualizing organizational culture, managing digital transformations, executive coaching, and accelerating business value with less stress by fixing meetings.

The Wall Street Journal featured
Science House
in an article about rethinking meetings:

People hated meetings before the pandemic. Then Zoom transformed them, making meetings more plentiful, often less efficient and totally exhausting. Never-ending meetings and check-ins leave employees with no time to get their work done during business hours. Yet employees who skip run the risk of seeming checked out or disconnected from their teammates.

“Showing up in meetings is a form of face-time. ‘I’m here, so I’m being productive,’” says Rita J. King, executive vice president at Science House, a consulting firm that counts Fortune 100 companies among its clients and counsels executives to blow up their meeting mind-set.

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We solve problems

We have specialized expertise working with large companies in the midst of transformations. Our partners face uncertainty and must navigate the unknown in a chaotic business landscape and changing world.

Our clients are often in heavily regulated industries with many constraints beyond their immediate control. To us, constraints inspire creativity.

We understand the problems our partners face. We are a secret weapon to accelerate progress, eliminate friction, and think about thorny problems from new angles. We bring a proprietary suite of software, services and nuanced thinking to help our partners achieve amazing things.

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