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The past and future mingle in our historic seven-story townhouse, conveniently located near Grand Central Station. Originally built by President Abraham Lincoln's son, Robert Todd Lincoln, the venue is fully restored but has been redesigned as a cathedral of the imagination by co-directors James Jorasch and Rita J. King.


Science House is a strategic consultancy that specializes in helping organizations develop flexibly powerful business cultures to respond to challenges and opportunities. You can book the venue and come with your own agenda, or inquire about our services, including Culture Map.


Why is Science House the right place to host our offsite?


Science House is a surprising gem in Manhattan. The experience at Science House is very different than any experience your group will have elsewhere. Located across the hall from the Creative Library, where your team can have breakfast and lunch, the Imagination Room is filled with modern whiteboard walls for brainstorming under extravagant crown molding. We have a private office and other rooms, including the Celestial Salon, for small breakout sessions. Your group will feel at home here, and bond in a way that you never thought possible, leading to new ideas and action when you go back out into the world after having been here.


What kinds of events does Science House host?


We primarily host business events. The first three floors are ideally suited for a group of up to 15 people, give or take, while larger groups can use the Infinite Lecture Hall, which holds up to 40. Science House offers facilitated sessions conducted by co-directors James Jorasch and Rita J. King. We offer breakfast, lunch and refreshments, and a standard package for working groups to make the experience easy so you can focus on what matters. We also customize unforgettable, magical events. Literally, with actual magic. Imagination is the only limiting factor at Science House.


I want to book Science House. How should I proceed?


Our house manager will work with you to make sure the date is available. A date is secured with a down payment of 25% of the venue booking fee. An estimate will be prepared that includes the booking fee, catering and any extras you require. The more we understand about your needs, the easier it will be to prepare an estimate. We book by the day, not the hour. AV, flipcharts and other basic equipment is included in the rental fee. We make it as easy as possible for you and your group to have the perfect offsite.



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