Sense & Adapt™








What if, for the entire lifespan of a major, strategic project, you could monitor and measure what’s really going on from the perspective of the people who are doing the work day in and day out? What if you could share this qualitative and quantitative data directly with senior leaders, who could then take immediate action to fix problems, create clarity and keep the project on track?

Surveys are often impersonal, with incomplete information that flows one way, often out of context. Instead, Science House created the Sense & Adapt system to bring teams together across levels to build a flexible and agile capability on big projects. Sense & Adapt generates an honest assessment of key project metrics on a monthly basis, along with anonymized feedback from members of the team. This report includes the monitoring of metrics that are relevant to your project.

Sense & Adapt also contributes to real time leadership training and problem solving. Teams continuously learn and adapt to optimize their own contributions to the mission, while senior leaders have a new view into the reality of the work they are entrusted with completing. The key to the Sense & Adapt system is to get better at sensing issues and adapting the organization to solve the problems and challenges discovered.

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