Imagination Age™

As leaders and the companies they serve need to transform faster than ever before, imagination is required to break old habits and operate in new ways. This requires thinking differently about what it means to build an ecosystem when the line between customers, competitors and collaborators is getting more hazy by the day. What worked in the past doesn’t work today.


Science House works collaboratively with an organization’s existing leadership training teams to infuse existing programs with modern leadership skills, mindsets and techniques. We also develop leadership programs.





Imagination is how the brain creates a path from where you are to where you want to go. Some people are fantasizers who have vivid imaginations but don’t necessarily put their visions to work to solve problems. Others are followers who like to have a path cut for them. These principles and practices are intended to develop skills required for what we call applied imagination, to solve problems, maximize opportunities and motivate your workforce in new ways.


The Imagination Age has been developed over a decade with collaborative input from diverse groups of people from many countries across five continents as well as every kind of organization imaginable, from schools and universities, government agencies, not-for-profits, media organizations and Fortune 500 companies. Imagination: What You Need to Thrive in the Future Economy, was featured in Forbes. Read more about The Principles of Applied Imagination or An Imagination Age Checklist for 2017.

The Glyphs of the Imagination Age

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