Dynamic Team Mapping™





The map is made up of seven colored hexagons, each of which represent a different dynamic within the team. The visual maps are created in collaboration with team leaders.







The Dynamic Team Mapping visualization tool helps leaders focus on a shared vision for the future state and create action items aligned with their organization’s goals and objectives, making it much easier to implement needed changes. We begin with a discovery phase in which we interview senior leaders to understand the business problems and goals. The output from discovery helps shape the workshop in which maps are created. Science House offers several products, including Model Meetings, Sense and Adapt and Imagination Age Leadership to help teams achieve their desired future state.


Science House is the exclusive North American licensee of the Dynamic Team Mapping tool, which was created by Dr. Simon Sagmeister as part of his PhD thesis. He then worked globally with over 100 clients to put it into practice before founding the Culture Institute in Zurich, which he directs.


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Dynamic Team Mapping is a tool to visualize the dynamics in the current state and desired future state of a team, project or organization.

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