Science House is located in NYC. For nearly a decade, we have hosted clients in our historic headquarters, a cathedral of imagination designed for teams to do their best creative and strategic thinking removed from the chaos of everyday distractions. 



Science House is located in Manhattan's Murray Hill. The building has a long history of innovation. It was originally built by an entrepreneur who founded a clothing company that created money back guarantees and tags listing the materials used. He then sold the building to Abraham Lincoln's granddaughter, Mary Lincoln Isham, who lived here with her family for 35 years. It has now been redesigned as a cathedral of the imagination by co-directors James Jorasch and Rita J. King.


Here, our clients feel they have crossed a portal into another dimension. A magician like Prakash Puru might be on hand to illuminate how he helps achieve focus in his audience. A poker champion like Annie Duke might be here to talk about decisions and risk. A child might steal the limelight from a Nobel Prize winning scientist by giving a lecture about how Einstein toggled between art and math to understand the universe. We are not an events venue. We are a consultancy with a headquarters that will open your mind to what's possible in your work, company, world and well beyond.  

Our clients are global companies. We become trusted family members working closely with teams to deliver world-changing products and services to market. No matter where we work with our clients, it starts and continues right here on the walls of the Imagination Room, where ideas are written, re-written and re-imagined. To us, culture starts with people being able to to think freely together about the best way to achieve shared goals. Our HQ is part of our ethos, no matter how far we go from home.

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